Ruben Dawson returns with new single 'SAYIMGOOD'

It's been a little while since Ruben Dawson released some music, but in some troubling times where chilled, relaxed and soothing beats are needed, Dawson has stepped up to the plate to release a goldmine of a track.

The new track 'SAYIMGOOD' starts off with a simple guitar lick and Ruben's soothing vocals to combine into the new, fresh and exciting beat that enters in as the chorus shows just how calming this track is.

Simplicity with amazing production quality is something to admire about this track.  A mixture of soothing vocals, guitar chords and the end the track off with beats that are slowly faded away to create an atmosphere so good that makes you want more.

If you like what you're reading then you can click here to stream the new track.