Sonny Elliot shares heartwarming new single "New Moon"

Sonny Elliot's brand new heartwarming single "New Moon" has got us all excited. The band is comprised of two friends, Chris and Joseph with the duo creating many folk tracks over the years, most notably "One Day With You" and "Broken Glasses", which between them have over 700k plays on Spotify - cementing them as a band that certainly knows how to write a heartwarming track that people can relate to

The single was self produced by the band with Chris providing the vocals and acoustic Guitar, with Joseph doing the electronic guitar and keyboards. The folk song would be one for you if you have a obsession with the likes of Nick Drake and Ben Howard as it does also have it's dark and experimental touches towards the end. One thing is for certain is that this duo from Southampton in England are absolutely on the right course with their music, crafting some touching melodies and warring acoustic guitar - be sure to head over to their socials and check out their back catalogue, it's  simply stunning!