Sophie Kilburn releases 'Broke'

Broke follows up the debut single ‘Indigo Fever’ from rising Derbyshire born now London-based singer-songwriter. 

Sophie’s latest number is an explosively charged uplifting indie pop anthem, evocative and honest lyrics with powerful and fierce vocals filled with a thumping production by platinum-selling producer Jack Gourlay (Rhodes, Caitlyn Scarlett, Paradisia).

Currently working on her highly anticipated E.P 'My Room Made Public', which explores the fears of intimacy and the aftermath of loss, Sophie Kilburn seems to be on a steady climb to something important.

Sophie explains that: “Broke is a light bulb moment. A realisation of how losing someone from your life can completely change your behaviour without you knowing. In crowds/social situations you are numb or overcompensate. It can make you distance yourself from all your relationships both romantic or platonic. It breaks you. You date people and take on their baggage to avoid addressing your own. The song is an outpour saying I’m not okay.”

If you like what you're reading then you can click here to listen to the new track.