Teddy Jackson releases first self-produced track and visuals to 'Pretty Runaways'

After creating his first ever track, it feels like Teddy Jackson is only just getting started as the self-produced track 'Pretty Runaways' is fresh, exciting and something that is needed right now.
The New Zealand native and newcomer to the London music scene, makes his debut alongside dreamy road trip visuals to accompany the new track. After a three-day road trip across California, Teddy sparked fiery chemistry with a certain someone, which inspired the romance behind 'Pretty Runaways'.
From the smooth psychedelic guitars to the laidback hip hop beat, it's clear that this is special. Even the lyrics conjure images that remind you of your favourite sun-drenched holiday fling or that place you dream of when you're stuck inside on a sunny day. 
The track itself is a nod to Californian life and is a unique blend of pop and R'n'B comparable to the styles of Frank Ocean, Col3trane, and Zack Villere. Teddy's love of California that stemmed from the his teenage fascination, where he thought the geographical location of everything was perfect - the music, the culture, the glamour, the beach, the climate, the beauty of everything would make anyone fall in love with the state.
Even the music video screams California, from the stunning dolly shots at the beginning of Teddy enjoying life in the streets to the drone shots that show the parts Teddy just being himself.  The music video was created last year on a road trip to Burning Man, along Highway 365, from Los Angeles to Northern Nevada. 
Both the track and video show the love of laid-back R'n'B music that has come before and started to make a come back. Teddy Jackson is definitely the artist that needs to be kept an eye on as this is the start of something beautiful.
Teddy's thoughts on the track and music video:
“It was a period where I really felt I was living, I had literally packed up all of my belongings, flew to the states, got in a car with someone who was basically a stranger, then drove out into the Californian desert. It was such a beautiful memory set amongst such incredible landscapes, so it was important for me to have that translated into the music video.”

If you like what you're reading then you can click here to listen to the new track and click here to watch the music video. Also, check him out on Instagram here.