THÉA shares soulful new single "I Lied"

Franco-American singer THÉA has recently shared her soulful and deep new single "I Lied", which is a slow-jam. Released on the 25th of February the ballad is filled with fragile guitars, haunting vocals and simplistic and organic sounding drum patterns, the single is about the repercussions of being young, naive and making bad choices with the vocalist apologising to a friend about a relationship that seems beyond repair.

The London based singer-songwriter has had an upbringing which really shows why she sounds the way she does. With influences coming from such names as Amy Winehouse and Norah Jones she was raised on a diet of her Mothers love for Gospel music and her Fathers taste of Jazz, effectivly fusing them together with "I Lied" and creating a Soul track to listen to on repeat.

Having had her single launch at Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden last month THÉA is going from strength to strength currently.