WD-HAN drop their new banger, "Bad"

WD-HAN hail from Clearwater in the USA, with a very Americana take on classic Indie-Rock, with sweeping guitars and melodic vocals wooshing all over it.

The band have been releasing tracks since their inception and come Spring 2020 we see their latest effort "Bad" get it's eagerly awaited release. After the success of their 2019 hit "Spaceman" the band are on a high and by the sounds of it they're looking to top it with this anthemic banger. The band are aiming to release a track every month for 2020 and if they're all on the same level and ferocity as "Bad" then we will be in for a heavy year!

The trip have been played on Daytime TV in their homeland being beamed into thousands of homes, had three successful tours in Taiwan, helping them generate a fanbase in the Asian country as well as their hometown of Clearwater.

So be sure to head down to get a taste of what WD-HAN are all about, we feel that once you've listened to "Bad" you'll be wanting more! We have been back on multiple times since first hearing, and are absolutely gagging for more. Follow them on their socials to be the first to hear news of more tunes and possible live dates.