Alith Berndarn shares epic collab with Kathana, "Fountain of Youth"

Alith Berndarn in the past few weeks has teamed up for an epic collaboration with the American based singer-songwriter Kathana, and the result is "Fountain of Youth". Alith Berndarn is an Austrian artist but now resides in the gorgeous city of Hamburg in Germany, which is a hub for electronic music.

The collaboration straddles the line between genres, from Future-Bass to Electro-Pop, with the latter being more prominent throughout the track. With some amazing vocal hooks and production on the track it really highlights and focuses on Kathana's almost chior-esque vocals, layer up the processed drums and the track has a sort of industrial edge to it all. Not surprising as Hamburg is the industrial hub of Northern Germany.

We've found ourselves hitting repeat an awful lot here, with the track having so many layers you too will find yourself discovering more and more each time you listen to the cut. Be sure to follow both Alith Berndarn and Katahana on the social channels and don't forget to add this amazing new track into your playlists, you'd be daft not to.