Andreas Grannes releases emotive new track "Darkness"

Andreas Grannes last month released his emotive and chilling new track "Darkness". It's the Norweigan's first release since his 2018 track "Heaven's Gone" and is a very relateable song, especially in these weird Covid-19 times we find us in.

It's a very minimal track with just guitar and vocals, it really does highlight how strong is vocals are and how fragile they are. The guitar work is simplistic yet also rather delicate and gentle with it's approach, also giving it that vibe that the musician is highly talented at his craft.

Speaking about the song Andreas says - "This single is about depression and anxiety, I think a lot of people can relate to this right now. I use a lot of emotion in my music and I think its because I write about myself in the "darkest of times" But there is always some "hope". ... "

There is something that we love about Andreas Grannes and his work, even going back a couple of tracks you find yourself falling in love with his tunes. So why not head down below and discover "Darkness" and Andreas Grannes' amazing work.