Bethany Ferrie shares heartwarming track "Stayed"

Bethany Ferrie last week shared her heartwarming new single "Stayed", which is the first track to be released by the Scottish singer-songwriter after being shortlisted for the BBC Radio Scotland Singer/Songwriter Award 2019 and playing a show at King Tut's New Year's Revolution

Hints of country in her vocals with some folk-pop elements in the instrumentation, which could easily be compared to Tyler Childers' latest album and even to some extent Taylor Swifts approach to her early work. With inspiration from Fleetwood Mac and Lewis Capaldi there is no doubting that where the addictive hooks derive from.

Speaking about the new single Bethany said - "It's kind of the moment when you're getting on with your day and then you see something or hear a song and it takes you back to a time or a person."

With a fantastic end to 2019 it certainly looks like Bethany Ferrie is going out to make even more of a name for herself in 2020 - this singer-songwriter could easily be the next Lewis Capaldi, the music and songwriting is there, it's now just a wait to see when she blows up on the national scene. So be sure to check her track out below and follow her on the socials!