Boxteles unveil new single "Be My Ray-Bans"

Boxteles have recently unveiled their brand new single "Be My Ray-Bans", which is the first single from the Huddersfield based quartet since their 2019 single "Ready For Action".

The new tune brings us right back to some 1990's summer-rock from the off, with the intro reminding us a bit of Elastica. The track is awash with sun kissed guitars, the perfect amount of reverb and delay mixed with some bright and shimmering vocals.

This really feels like it's been written for the summertime, with them even going to extent of writing it to be performed to a packed out tent at Leeds Festival next year. There is something about a Northern accent when hearing it in lyrics, you just melt, and Boxteles aren't straying away from their roots unlike others, they're incorporating it into their tunes.

Expect to see Boxteles all over the UK when live shows start going again, as we can see them causing a racket on the airwaves once this tune really gets viral. It's got football stadium hooks all over it, so be sure to give them a follow on the socials and smash the love button on Spotify to stay up to date with them.