Earl Gray Collective release dreamy new single "Holiness"

Earl Gray Collective have recently released their dreamy new single "Holiness", which is the first release since their 2019 EP "Shades of Blue". The South London based quartet have recently been making waves with their highly atmospheric piano-lead tracks, they really do remind me of Cigarettes After Sex and Wet in places, something tells me they want to emulate those aforementioned bands.

Formed in 2013 the band really hit the ground running after the release of their debut EP, with the bands citing influences from Amber Run, Jamie Callum and Mumford & Sons - with the band sounding like an even dreamer version of Amber Run in places. The word gorgeous does get thrown about a lot of the time but here Earl Gray Collective have really created a piece of music that is art, so beautiful.

The band has plans for the release of their second EP in May 2020, but due to recent happenings worldwide this may get pushed back, but be sure to give them a follow on the socials and don't forget to stick this into your playlists, this won't be the last time you hear of Earl Gray Collective.