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It's that time once again, and this is our first 'lockdown' hosting of Friday's Finest, so lets delve on down and find out what we've all been listening to as of late. Once again you find us with our usual collaborators with Turtle Tempo, Nexus Music Blog and IndieCentralMusic.


It's All Indie

Mulimba - Your Own Blood

MULIMBA has today dropped his brand new single, "Your Own Blood", which is a more soulful endeavour compared to his last single. However this tune is equally superb with electronic vibes that sound like Glass Animals mixed with some even deeper basslines but with even more harmonies and soul.
Speaking about the new single MULIMBA says - " ... "Your Own Blood" is about family. That could mean your family by blood, your best friend/ close group of friends or ultimate just somebody that you care about deeply. I wrote Your Own Blood whilst going through a rough patch with somebody very close to me, but even though we were both hurt by things we'd done and said to each other, we still had an unconditional love for each other. No matter what you're going through, good or bad, family will always be there."



Junamji - The Sound/Echoes

Brighton’s indie pop six-piece Jumanji unfortunately have now split, but as a parting gift they have shared singles ‘The Sound’ and ‘Echoes’. After four unforgettable years together; which saw the band release two EPs, dozens of dingles and touring the country, they have parted ways. Brimming with high energy, giant choruses and summery indie-pop beats, Jumanji fill your brain with juicy 90s pop which will be missed.

In a statement on Facebook today, the band said: “After four unforgettable years of touring, gigging, writing and releasing music together, regrettably the time has come for us to go our separate ways.
“We want to thank each and everyone of you for your continued love and support over the years. “Without you we wouldn’t have been able to tour the country, play some of our favourite shows (like that first Hope and Ruin headline), The Haunt shows, Nustock in Birmingham, or play festivals like Joe Fest, Kendall Calling and Belladrum. These are just a few of the highlights. “We have some merch left so if you want anything let us know via message. “As a parting gift to our fans and  followers, today we are releasing the last two songs we recorded together. Hope you enjoy. “Thank you so so much, Neneh, Jonty, Aaron, Nathan and Joe”


Nexus Music Blog

ZELAH - Closer

ZELAH are a London based duo who have just unleashed their latest track 'Closer'. 'Closer' follows the release of the extremely intimate track 'Static'.

Dripping with intrigue, the indie-pop track is inspired by the real life experiences of the band’s lyricist Zelah Van-Gowler. With an incredibly atmospheric stage that allows for the impact of a vocal performance that delivers on multiple levels, 'Closer' is possibly the finest work by ZELAH to date. With much more left in the tank, it's only going to get more intriguing to see the continued emergence of this fantastic duo.


Turtle Tempo

Gecko Club - Gecko Club

Gecko Club are a exotic indie-surf band who know how to put on a memorable live show and they never fail to produce highly energetic, fun music with a variety of highly distinctive influences in reggae and indie-rock.

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, the quartet have dropped their first release of 2020 in self-titled single ‘Gecko Club’. It feels like the perfect introduction for those who aren’t aware of the band, the way the unpredictable pace of the single changes throughout is a real treat for the ears. A foot-tapping, punchy & feel-good banger.