GEISTE shares new single "Moonchild" lifted from debut EP

Geiste has today shared her fantastic new single "Moonchild", which is lifted from debut EP. Called "Utopia" it's out next month in May.  "Moonchild" is the latest following on from her highly ethereal track "Dither", which you can check out the review for here.

In Geiste's words: "Moonchild is a song I wrote two years ago and I feel like this is the moment when I relate the most with the lyrics. I was feeling very lonely and isolated, like I didn’t belong anywhere - going to parties without really having fun and not really enjoying spending time with people - especially the ones I had close to me. I realised that I shouldn’t be the one trying to change, and that the way I am and think is not always wrong or crazy. I finished the instrumental and production with my friends from V1TA and we managed to give a second life to a song I forgot - it’s now my favourite to play live".

This new tune from the London based Electronic artist is the latest in a long line of what can only be described as bangers.  Her vocals once again up there with the very best and the electronic sounds like they're from out of space, very synth orientated and glitchy but in perfect balance. The track here is arguably her biggest to date and I feel like when the EP drops everyone will know about Geiste!

You NEED to follow her on the social channels, and do not forget about her new EP in May - so follow her on Spotify damn it. Geiste is at the start of a great 12 months, it is only going to get bigger, just you wait.