Kim Yang's latest track, "Garden of Eden", is simply spellbinding

Kim Yang's latest track, "Garden of Eden", is her first single of 2020 and follows on from her EP "Ocean of Mind". The track was released earlier on this month and the Taiwanese-Australian singer-songwriter's latest effort is, well it's simply spellbinding.

Now residing in the Australian capital of Canberra she wrote the track about the huge bushfires that took over the country in the tail end of 2019, with it highlighting the trauma and anxiety that the people went through while experiencing the inferno that took over their homes and surrounding area. By sharing her story, Kim hopes to highlight the importance of talking about trauma and supporting each other.

With some sombre vocal melodies wrapping up the gorgeous guitar-work there is no denying Kim Yang's musical abilities, and with more work in the pipeline it'll be a matter of time before she's all over the Australian airwaves.

So be sure to follow her on the socials and also add her track into your Spotify playlists. Her songs are all heartfelt and deep. With a slot at the 2020 National Folk Festival (now cancelled) in the bag, next year she's hoping to get on more festivals and showcase her talent. There is no better time to help each other and let others know how you feel, so listen to the track below.