Laura Elizabeth Hughes releases "For You (Home)" video in support of Pieta House

Laura Elizabeth Hughes has released the video for her dreamy and atmospheric single, "For You (Home)". The single is the latest track to be released from the Dublin singer-songwriter and was written for people going through tough times, and helping to carry them through the situation they're in. With lots of radio support in Ireland on RTE Radio 1, 2FM and also BBC Northern Ireland there is some serious backing behind her.

Speaking on the release of the video and Pieta House, Laura says - "I wanted to create something beautiful that would also let viewers feel the discomfort of anxiety and depression. I wanted to show the weight, the numbness, the breathlessness, the tension.. but also the care that exists in the world to help relieve it. The care to overcome and step out of the dark, out of the sheer greyness, exists.

Pieta House is that light for so many people in Ireland, and to be able to contribute to their presence and ears is a gift. Their annual Darkness Into Light has had to be postponed due to this pandemic, and I couldn’t think of better use for a song that chronicles a journey out into the light. In a weird time where our physical health is being threatened, being in isolation means our mental health is too, and is something that needs to be looked after with equal importance".

Her music is so expansive it sounds like it's ready to fill massive venues all over the world, her vocals are just pitch perfect, versatile and heartwarming. Wrapping up her lyrics with such majesty the backing music is just as smooth with the production seemingly sounding like it's flawless with some amazing electronic effects layered in here and there, expect to hear more from her  - we can't wait for more.