Listen to Beau Bouldens' atmospheric new single "A Trial Run"

Beau Bouldens' new single "A Trial Run" is out now, and since the first time we heard it we knew it would be a track that warrants a second... third (and more) play. Hailing from West Sussex in the South of England, Beau is the lead singer and guitarist of the critically acclaimed band In Dynamics, so you know that he's a talented musician from the off.

With expectations high he doesn't fail to deliver as "A Trial Run" is far from what the title suggests, it's the full package. From the off the electronics welcome you in with his vocals and a delightful acoustic guitar kicking this off, calming yet also atmospheric the track really is a wonderful piece right off the bat. The chorus sounds like it's been written for a massive crowd at a festival, so when it comes in close your eyes and you can really imagine him performing this in-front of thousands of people, it's emotive, atmospheric and epic. Beau Boulden really has pulled a great track out of the bag here, so why not fall in love with his solo project below!

There's no wonder he's already got support from BBC Sussex and the wider reaching BBC Introducing, with tunes like this it might not be a side project for long, it's sounding huge from the beginning. So be sure to give him a follow on the socials and a play on Spotify before he's massive!