Oliver Marson gets retro and synthy on "Time For Love"

Oliver Marson last week revealed his brand new track, "Time For Love". The London based singer-songwriter has risen through the ranks as of late with the release of his acclaimed debut single "Cocaine Romance" back in 2019 from multiple outlets online and by the sounds of it he's about to make more waves with "Time For Love".

Here Marson gets extra retro and synthy on "Time For Love", with the songwriter seemingly going for a blend of 80's pop with some indie-rock sensibilities, if you've listened to White Lies last couple of records then you're nearly there, add in some extra synths and what you have is something that sounds like it could soundtrack an episode of Stranger Things.

There is no denying that Oliver Marson is a fantastic songwriter, it's clear to see as this track once again captures your imagination from the off. Be sure to check the track out below and add it into your playlists!