Sätilä reveals shimmering new single "Expired"

Finnish born, but based in London Sätilä has revealed his shimmering new single "Expired", the single is the first piece of work from the singer-songwriter since his AA-side single released earlier on in the year.

With easily over half a million plays on Spotify already it's no wonder when we first heard this we had to replay it as it's so authentic. The sound he's crafted generates a buzz inside you when you listen to it, with the vocals really giving you a feel good vibe. Nods towards the 1980's are all over it and with some smooth vocals, great hooks it's easy to see why you can easily fall in love with Sätilä's work.

So more on the track, well, the guitar really does hook you in as soon as it comes in bridge with it carrying on into the chorus, providing you of a late 80's pop-rock track mixed with some shimmering synths. We can go on for days with how great this track is but here's the facts, with the abundance of plays he's already got it's going to be no time until a label picks him up and pushes him to the wider audience. With playlisting already coming from Spotify themselves it is just a matter of time before everyone will know of Sätilä.

Be sure to pop over to Sätilä's socials to share the love, and don't forget to ram "Expired" into your feel good playlist and give it a love. He's really on the rise and we can't wait to hear more.