Barking Poets share debut single "Make Me Strong"

London based quartet, Barking Poets, have recently released their debut single "Make Me Strong". Looking back on their social media accounts, the band formed back in late 2019 and have not hung about with releasing their debut effort.

"Make Me Strong"” was recorded at Stereolab’s Unit 13 Studios in South London and produced, mixed and mastered by Paul Tipler (Idlewild, Placebo, Elastica). The band cite Billy Bragg, Frank Turner, The Gaslight Anthem as some of their influences, with some 1960's sounding rock such as The Kinks.

The foursome's first ever single is a hopeful tune with lyrics, such as "It's just gonna make me strong", that will really help you get through this current worldwide pandemic and give you that slither of aspiration we all need to get us through the day

Speaking about the song the band said - "It was written long before the Coronavirus pandemic but it happens to come out just in time to cheer us up when most needed." - Too right lads, this tune is catchy as they get, with the chorus lingering with you from the first time you play it, even until you go to bed, it's still there running around your head!