CHARLOT releases debut single "Better When It's Dark"

Hailing from Rotterdam in The Netherlands, CHARLOT has this month released their brooding debut track "Better When It's Dark". The band are Lotte Mulder (Vocals/Keys), Hilde Luytjes (Bass/Backing Vocals), David Quakkelaar (Keys/Backing Vocals), Boaz van Willigenburg (Drums), and Alexander Haak (Guitar). The band came together back in 2017 when they met in Haarlem while studying and formed out of a love of music and expression.

The debut single really reminds us a lot of Sofi Tukker's approach with soft melodies and pulsating electronics, but with a very cinematic vibe ebbing throughout - keep an ear out for the violin plucks in the firth third of the track. With vocals reminiscent that of Lucy Rose, there is no wonder why we loved this cut from the off, the vocals are just perfect for this track, sweet and yet dark at the same time.

Speaking about the track vocalist says - "This song is about seduction, my love for another woman (LGBTQ+) and giving in to your own grief. The girl I wrote this song about is described as a siren: she seduces me, but then murders me (breaks my heart)."

Considering this is a debut release it is simply fantastic, there is so much going on here, so many sounds and noises with lots of different textures layered upon each other. With this being the starting point of the band's career I can easily see them getting a lot of play on GIEL FM - the best place to find new music in The Netherlands. We will be watching their new tracks with great interest!