Choosing Sides drop thrilling new single "Breakfast"

Bursting out of Adelaide in Australia, Choosing Sides have recently dropped their thrilling new single "Breakfast", which is their first cut since 2019's "Transmit". The band are made up of two English members and two Australians, and have a strong connection to the UK.

With strong Arctic Monkeys vibes all over it, and no wonder as they use elements lifted from the UK Alt-Rock and Brit-Pop scene combined with the shimmering tones that you find with Australian based Indie bands.

The band are so close to the quarter of a million plays on Spotify, and after you listen to "Breakfast" you'll know why, they're just so addictive! With a healthy monthly listener figure on the platform too any of their songs can suddenly go viral and "Breakfast" certainly has that vibe.

In January of 2020, Choosing Sides organised and hosted a night of entertainment at Adelaide’s Jive to raise money for the 2020 Australian bushfire crisis. The group added some of Adelaide’s hottest up and coming acts to the bill including; Horror My Friend, Busseys and Oscar the Wild, making the show a huge success. Over $3,100 was raised on the night and the entirety of the funds were donated to the CFS Foundation.

They sound like they're about to break out from their scene and smash it on the national scene, expect to see and hear them on Triple J at some point, with anthemic tunes such as "Breakfast" it'll be just a matter of time before you hear them grace the radio station. You need to hear it NOW!