Forhill reveals international collab with YOUTH 83 and Tima, "Into Dust"

Boston based producer Forhill has recently unveiled his international collab with YOUTH 83 (a fast rising producer from the UK) and Tima (vocalist from the UK), "Into Dust". Forhill started back in 2018 and since then has amassed over three million plays on Spotify already from his previous work, and we knew even before we heard this new cut that it would hit the spot, and it's delivered!

Brian Fata is the sole musician of Forhill and is a musician/producer who has a knack for creating some addictive deep cuts, and "Into Dust" is certainly that. Each of the collaborators on this track have brought their own spin, with the dreamy vocals of Tima to the synthy elements and lo-fi sound-scapes of Forhill and YOUTH 83.

It reminds me of something I'd listen to while driving at night with lights flashing by my car window, with a pulsating bassline and drum pattern that has you from the off. The track has a nostalgic vibe while keeping a lot of the current pop sensibilities, and not delving too much into creating a long single. That's the thing these days, sometime a track is too long and it ruins the appeal, while this is perfectly sitting at that goldie-locks zone of three minutes, giving you the chance to listen to it over and over again, like we've done since we first heard it.

We can praise and praise Forhill for days, and with "Into Dust" it looks like once again he has created a track that'll be raking in the plays. With the fellow collaborators helping him along the way it sounds like they've struck gold here as a trio, and we cant wait to hear more from Forhill! Remember the name, it'll be on everyone's lips if the trend continues.