Fremmand unveil dark new single "Legendary Lover"

Based out of Torshavn, in the Faroe Island Fremmand have recently unveiled their epic and dark new single "Legendary Lover". The bands name - Fremmand - means stranger in Faroese, which refers to their themes in a lot of the songs, based on the feeling of alienation as well as themes of loneliness and isolation, which a lot of people can really relate to more now than ever.

The song is made in collaboration with Peter Hayes from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, which really shows here. Some deep grooving basslines and some washed out backing vocals really add to the whole ambience of the track.

Speaking about the lyrics for the song the band says  " ... "Legendary Lover" is about all the things you’re ignorant about, and working through ones own misguided attempts of a fix"

With this being the quartet's first studio recorded since out this year they're looking to burst out once again and make a statement with it. With some amazing pieces of work in the track such as the aforementioned vocals, the guitars really make the track what it is, full of atmosphere. So don't forget to give them a follow on Spotify and check out their previous work too!

"Legendary Lover" is out now via on Tutl Records