Low Life Lolas drop vibrant new single "Grime"

Low Life Lolas have recently dropped their indie-pop and vibrant new single "Grime", which is the first single off their upcoming record "Anchors", and is the first piece of new material from the Toronto based quartet since their 2019 EP "Wolves".

The new cut was produced by Alex Gamble (who's worked with the likes of Alvvays and Rheostatics) in their home city of Toronto, Canada.

"Grime" starts off with some gorgeous vocals and honest lyrics, with a smattering of guitars that start you off. The breakdowns on this track are truly glorious as there's not much going on with the mix and it's all crisp as a Vampire Weekend track. When the chorus hits I get taken back to the summer of 2009 when I was doing everything that I wanted, enjoying life and listening to amazing indie-pop - basically what this is, simply amazing.

Speaking about the track, songwriter Renée Parr says - "It's about a dirty kind of bush, queer, let-your-hair-grow kind of love—embracing that, and going against any sort of conventional lifestyle or conformity." 

I for one can not wait for the release of their new release, coming in at 6 tracks long, it's not quite an album but it'll certainly be a binge-worthy release, especially that "Grime" is the opening track. Listening back to their previous work I feel that Low Life Lolas are a band that more people will be listening to, expect them to be one of the next bands to break out of Canada - especially if they keep up the current trend of releasing singles that we just fall in love with.