PLAY DEAD release thrilling debut single "Whitstable"

London trio PLAY DEAD have recently released their thrilling new punk-infused track "Whitstable", marking it as their debut single release. Having met at school in Herne Hill in South London the trip have been already played on Amazing Radio and are looking to push on with their short yet sweet punk anthems.

The debut effort from the band was recorded in a studio in Herne Hill, and was mixed by David Blair (former bassist of 80s/90s punk band Flesh for Lulu).

With the band citing influences such as IDLES, Shame, The Chats and Slaves it's no wonder their music resonates with us right from the get go.

The cut is just over 100 seconds long, with it taking much longer to read this review than it would be to listen to, but that's where the magic starts. We've listened to this track over 10 times, never gets short of amazing as we find ourselves loving their unapologetic lyrics, and with the single being filled with guitar hooks you'd expect to hear from Slaves.

Crushing basslines roll into your ear and meaty guitars are a plenty here, with the band mourning the majesty of sitting by a cold English beach drinking a can of beer with your mates, it relates to a real part of British culture that many musicians ignore.

PLAY DEAD have really got our attention from the first second, of their first single and we feel like if they create more epic cuts like this then expect to see them tearing up the London scene once live music is back - so be sure to listen to their single below and follow them on the socials, I really wanna hear more already!