Post Rome drop anthemic new single "Want to Believe"

Sunderland's Post Rome yesterday dropped their anthemic new single "Want to Believe", and what a tune it is! "Want to Believe" is their second release of 2020 following on from their single "Different Kids", which was their first track to be released in two years.

The track from the first second is massive, anthemic and shouts festival stages all over it, so it's no wonder that Post Rome have already been picked up by promotion legends of the North of England, Scruff of the Neck, to play all over the north of the country, with a highlight being their gig at Think Tank in Newcastle.

Fans definitely love their high energy tunes and when they play live they can easily transfer their enthusiasm to their performances, with many praising them as a must-see act, most notably by Sunderland venue Independent.

When asked specifically about the meaning behind the track, drummer and lyricist Jamie Martin says - "Lyrically this song tackles quite a few personal issues whilst focusing on the main theme of feeling uncomfortable or overly comfortable in relationships."

The band sound like they're on the cusp of something special, and with tunes that sound as anthemic as "Want to Believe" it really does sound like that they're ready for the big stages already. There's something really special about the North East of England's music scene as of late, with the biggest name being Sam Fender having broke out of the scene, he will not be the last and Post Rome are gearing up for something special, we can feel it.