Sally Haze unveil their dreamy new single "All That Matters"

Sally Haze shares their dreamy new single "All That Matters", with a name like Sally Haze you might be forgiven thinking this is a Chicago solo act, but it’s actually the project of trans-continental couple, Jessica and William Wright,. Jess was born and raised in Chicago, and Will was born in Leeds, England.

The duo began writing and recording as Sally Haze in their home studio and so far have got 7 tracks out on the internet for everyone to discover. They've been releasing music under this guise since 2019. As we mentioned before, this is their release since their 2019 EP "Dining Room", and it's a big stride in the right direction as we find ourselves surrounded with a wash of synth elements and hazey vocals that bathe the track in a warm glow.

With their influences coming from such bands as Slowdive, Spiritualized and Cocteau Twins it's really no wonder their sound is just so big and massive. With some love from venues, sites and magazines from the USA the band have been slowly building up their fanbase to what it is today, and I can see their follows lapping this up if they've not already heard it.

Speaking about the new single the band say - "The lyrics that muse on longing and frustration are reflected in the buzzing organs, synths, and guitars that swirl around a driving bass groove." They go on to say - "Our goal is to create music that blurs the lines between Dream Pop, Shoegaze, and Neo-Psychedelia while maintaining pop sensibilities with a heavy focus on rhythm and melody." - and I'd absolutely echo that.

The duo have really found a warm place in my heart, as I've found myself loving "All That Matters" from the off as I found myself connecting to it from the first chord. You really do need to listen to Sally Haze, and don't be lazy - while you're there feel free to check out their EP, there's a lot to discover from this duo.