The Rupees share their thumping new cut, "Run"

Bristol based quartet, The Rupee's have shared their thumping new cut, "Run" - which dropped earlier on this month. The foursome have been releasing music since 2018 with their debut effort "Catch 22" dropping, and since then have released six tracks before this one, with their latest effort coming back in 2019 - "By Your Side".

The four guys came together over a love of working class bands such as The Prodigy, Oasis, Kasabian and The Clash while working on building sites with no money.The band have made the track in their self professed ideology 'underdogism' into their new single, with "Run" being a song to champion the underdog with.

The intro to the song really reminds us of a Kasabian track from the get go, with a rushing entry you're hooked in, and from there the band have you captive.Smattering of synths with a Royal Blood edge to the guitar and basslines, and as the band put it - "It’s rock n roll, just a little different." - to which I'd have to agree with.

Speaking about the new single The Rupees say - " ... "Run" is about dreaming for something more, being the underdog, wanting to escape whilst existing in world of averageness, having to work a mundane job in a mundane place, but knowing there is something more, knowing there is something inside of you that is trapped because of the exact circumstances you find yourself in. But you can run, you can use love and your passions to escape, you are not sure if you are ever winning or losing but you just have to run with it, with the things you love, just keep going!"

The band have really found their niche and it's not too far away from the good old rock and roll that people won't be phased when hearing them for the first time, rather it'll be a sense of familiarity but with a modern twist.