The Slow Cooked Bears releases expansive debut single "Space Odyssey"

Coming right out of London in England, The Slow Cooked Bears have recently released their expansive debut single "Space Odyssey", and as a debut single is showcases what the band are exactly about. The was released against all odds, as the band had a line up change, faced studio delays and even had a member diagnosed and sub-sequentially beat cancer, all during it’s conception.

Big and bold synth laced soundscapes with symphonic guitar tones that sound like they can soundtrack a thriller at the cinema, fast paced drums that matches our heartbeat and dominating vocals that you can't help but shout back at when you're listening to it. With some grunge elements and new-wave nods too there is something here for anyone who likes their alternative indie-rock based bands.

With their influences being noted as Pixies, Placebo and Blonde Redhead it really is no wonder how they settled on their current sound, and I for one will be following them on the socials so when their next effort drops I can sink my teeth into it the same way as I done with "Space Odyssey". There's always something magical about a debut single, and The Slow Cooked Bears have really pulled out a brilliant piece for their first single, expect more in the coming months!