Anna Mae Kelly releases second ever track "Devil Eyes"

Anna Mae Kelly has in the past couple of months has released her second ever track "Devil Eyes", which follows on from her single "I Want You To Be Here" - which has already got 29k streams on Spotify.

Anna is just 17 and already has a bright future ahead of herself, when she was younger she self-taught herself both the piano and the guitar, of which you can hear both of those instruments in this exciting new single. 

Anna's vocals remind me strongly of New York based iiO - their electro-pop anthem "Rapture" especially, when it's laid upon your ears you too will think it's a seasoned vocalist rather a new and exciting young artist. There's a sense of maturity with her vocals.

"Devil Eyes" has a strong Stranger Things soundtrack vibe going on with scary sounding synths and pulsating drum beats. The singer-songwriter says "The song is about seeing someone for what they truly are after the relationship has ended", hence devil eyes. Speaking more about the new single she says - "It’s then the realisation that their 'Devil Eyes' were fooling you all along. I wrote this song at 15, after I had become a sounding board for my friends, so this song is for all of them."

With Anna just 17 years old there is a bright future ahead of her, especially that she wrote this new single all by herself. There's a flavour of a young Adele and Florence Welch about her, the vocals set it apart from the rest. Be sure to keep an eye on her work as it wont be long until a label comes in and signs her up.