Askies return with anthemic new single "Easy"

Hailing from Leeds, the quartet of Askies have returned with their anthemic new single, "Easy", which is out today! It's the foursome's second single of 2020 following on from their well received track "Catch Up".

As they're based in Leeds the band have already made a name for themselves on the local live circuit with 2 sold out shows in 2019 off the back of a trio of singles, and once you listen to "Easy" you'll know why they've managed to sell out venues in the same year as their debut single!

Askies write indie-rock anthems that are just waiting to be heard by the masses, especially on "Easy" there are some anthemic riffs that you'd expect to find in Catfish and the Bottlemen tunes and guitar tones which sound like they're right out of Arctic Monkeys' back catalogue.

There's a lot of familiarity here but without the track sounding dry, it's an exciting three and a half minutes filled with commanding vocals, cracking guitar tones and plenty of textures that'll have you closing your eyes and getting lost in it all - especially in the latter third with the atmospheric guitars wallowing away in the background.

There really is something exciting about these four lads from Leeds, and as we all know, when an exciting back is creeping out of the shadows in Yorkshire they quickly get hyped all over the UK. Considering they've only been releasing music since 2019 the quartet have really refined their sound and are now pumping out some blitzing indie-rock cuts. Head on below to fall in love with a brand new act now!