BLAZAR shares self-produced pop banger "Better"

BLAZAR has broken out of hiding and has shared his self-produced pop banger "Better", which acts as his second release of 2020 following on from his single "I Like It That Way". BLAZAR (or Jerad Finck to his friends and family) is a solo lead project with collaborators coming in to assist him on a variety of tunes.

Speaking about the project Jerad says - "I wanted to make a record old school, really developing the songs bar by bar, with all of the coolest cats and producers I've met over the years in something entirely new, a collaborative effort of rad people with creative freedom. This has been dream of mine to do, and over the last couple years I have been working on this."

Having recently signed a contract with AntiFragile BLAZAR so far in 2020 he has accumulated over 100k streams from just three singles, a sign that there is a lot of people loving his tunes. With only 6 months into the year we feel like with more releases there will be a lot more fans finding his tunes, and after listening to "Better" we can see why he's starting to go viral.

"Better" sounds like the love-child of early Gorillaz, with the instrumentation and the 80's pop style of Spandau Ballet. The vocals here are hushed but give the cut a huge amount of atmosphere, especially when the airy synths are placed behind it. The way the track has been laid out it sounds like it has a massive remix just waiting to be done for it. There's a lot of flavours in the track but it doesn't stray too far away from pop-anthem-in-waiting.

With a single already getting into the Billboard charts in the USA and over 100k streams on Spotify in under 6 months, there really is something special brewing away with BLAZAR and we can't wait to hear more. So head on down and check out the retro tinted pop banger below!