Blue Stragglers share sizzling new track "All Mine" [IAI PREMIERE]

Today we've got something special for you all, the sizzling new track from the trio at Blue Stragglers, "All Mine", which is lifted from their forthcoming self-titled EP. The EP itself was mastered by Bill Skibbe of Jack White’s Third Man Records in Detroit. With the release being recorded by engineer and producer David Holmes in the belly of Lightship 95 at Soup Studios – a houseboat turned recording studio docked on the Thames in East London.

Having grown up in the town of Horsham in  Sussex Lee Martin (vocals, guitar), Ali Waite (bass) and Andy Head (drums) came together over a shared love of bands such as The Raconteurs, PJ Harvey, Supergrass, Beck, and Jane's Addiction.

"All Mine" shows off some of those influences and right from the off the track is relentless, especially when it comes to those meaty guitar and crunching basslines. The new cut sounds like the heavier end of the spectrum of Foo Fighters mixed in with a bit of the thick Royal Blood sounds with an abundance of dominant vocal hooks.

There is even a bit of an Art-Rock breakdown that showcases how diverse the band can quite easily be even in a single track. With love thrown at them from the BBC and a number of live promoters it's no wonder their track is as sizzling as a slab of bacon on a grill (quite meaty too as we think about it).

The ending of it is so thrilling with the second half of the single sounding like it's been taken up an extra gear as it sounds like a soundtrack to a car chase. With the track about to close the guitars screech even more and a wall of noise follows. You're blown away, I'm blown away and ladies and gentleman that is Blue Stragglers! This new EP is the band's debut EP release on Lost In The Manor later on this year.

‘Blue Stragglers’ EP tracklisting:
1 - All Mine
2 - Late at a Festival
3 - Forever & a Day
4 - She
5 - Last Call