Cheekbone release vibrant new single "Stranger"

The indie-pop quintet Cheekbone have recently released their vibrant new single "Stranger", which is their second single release of the year so far. It follows on from the single "Window" - which also has the b-side "All The People", another one of theirs we've been digging recently.

The two founding members Ernest Gorka and Lou Raymond came together as they shared both artistic sensibilities and identical features (hence the name of the band), despite not being related and have since got three more friends on board and in on the band to make the sound what it is today.

The quintet are based between two of the best music scenes in the UK, with the band being located in Bristol and South London, which might mean why the track sounds the way it is! "Stranger" sounds like the perfect blend between Vampire Weekend, The Wombats and The Libertines - an indie-kid's wet dream.

This year so far has seen the band get airplay from BBC Introducing London, Boogaloo Radio and even some support slots for The Luka State before the live scene went into hibernation. The vocals on "Stranger" are perfectly hazy with a surf vibe being given off around the 100 second mark before the vibrant guitars come back in., of which have the perfect tones that set you off into a trance, close your eyes and the guitars alone will take you to a soft sandy beach.

There is such a drive with "Stranger" throughout the single, it gives off the feeling that the band are writing songs for massive audiences, and with the outfit releasing songs since only 2019 there is plenty of time for these Indie-Pop gems to find their way to a label.