FOXHAUNT return with soaring new cut, "Open Water"

Only just two months ago we wrote about FOXHAUNT, and now we're doing it on another track as it seems like the band just love releasing bangers one after another. So what do the quintet have for us this time, well it's their soaring new offering "Open Water".

The York based outfit - as previously mentioned - have a knack for releasing hit after hit, and this new single might be their biggest yet.

With some wallowing guitars in the background in the bridge, they're teasing you as you get ready for the drop into the chorus, when it finally hits you're welcomed to a wall of guitars upon guitars and those crunchy basslines and festival sing-a-long worthy lyrics.

Speaking about the single Ollie (Vocals) says " ... "Open Water" is a reference to realising you've made a mistake and what you do as an individual to make up for that. Specifically in relationships, the need for getting a person you love back in your life back can act as a whistle stuck in your head as mentioned in the chorus."

It really does sound like FOXHAUNT are really going to be a band you - need - to - keep - an - eye - on - when - live - music - starts - again. We can't stress that enough, with two solid singles back to back I don't know how big they can be when everything get's back to normal.