[FRIDAY'S FINEST] with IndieCentralMusic, Nexus Music Blog and Turtle Tempo

With us not hosting Friday's Finest in April, we are BACK with the first one of May. And if you're not familiar with the set-up let's refresh your memory, the usual gang of us and IndieCentralMusic / Turtle Tempo / Nexus Music Blog are back with some of the freshest new music out there. SO let's delve into the four best tracks of the past week, as chosen by us.


It's All Indie

Man.Goes Human - Where Did I Leave My MoonGlasses

Man.Goes Human is the first Indian band to give their original track to a Netflix Hollywood film production, 'Extraction', which stars Chris Hemsworth - of which I've watched before I found this track, so when I heard it I knew I already loved it. The producers of the film loved this track too that the band also have a cameo in the Netflix Original film.

The band are one of those outfits that just want to succeed - and by the sounds of it they're about to break out from India - they've spent the last 8 years doing DIY tours all over South East Asia, visiting Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore while playing over 200 shows in their home country. If there isn't already an appetite for this band then I dunno when there will be as they've been featured in Rolling Stone, Times of Indie, Grazia and have played for the likes of Sofar Sounds, not bad by even the standards of the vast majority of bands in the UK.

"Where Did I Leave My MoonGlasses" is the track that sets them above everyone else in India, there's so much atmosphere here made from just three people - if you find yourself in the sub-continent then do check out their gig listings, we'd happily fly to Delhi to hear this song live! So why not head on down below to check out this tremendous song.



The Super Late Night – If Not Now, Then When?

After bursting out onto the scene with his debut single ‘Honey,’ Manchester-based The Super Late Night has returned with alt pop masterpiece ‘If Not Now, Then When?’
The one-man producer and songwriter is about to embark on the second phase of his journey, a straight from the heart, to the heart indie-infused pop record that is undeniably catchy from the get-go.

Blending euphoric synth melodies, delicately crafted single-note guitar work and arena-sized vocal hooks, this is downright likeable pop music with an inimitable edge.

Speaking of the track, he said: "This was written in a session with a friend of mine in the summer of 2017. I brought most of the lyrics and the chords, and he helped me to shape it before I took it into the studio. Having a co-writer for this track really helped me organise my thoughts.

“The track originally came from a note I had in my phone for a long time that read ‘If not now, then when?’ That had come from a conversation with a friend where I told him I intended to stop smoking (as all smokers do), he responded ‘if you can quit then, you can quit now,’ and that message became the basis for this song.

“Incubated by the relationship I was in at the time the song quickly became more about confronting the ifs, buts and maybes of life and relationships, and the fear of committing to a change you can feel but may not want to face.”

After clocking up more than 30,000 streams on his first single ‘Honey,’ The Super Late Night is the artist you needed to be introduced to and is one to keep an eye on for 2020 and beyond.


Nexus Music Blog

Dutch Criminal Record - Feel Good

Dutch Criminal Record are supplementing that summer sun that you might be missing out on due to Lock-down by giving you waves of goodness through your speakers and directly into your psyche.

Whilst writing this I've had the track on repeat for the last twenty minutes and I can tell you now that it is well worth a listen and considering for your playlist.

Lively, energy infused and just what we all need right now. I would recommend them for any playlist but then again I am slightly biased...


Turtle Tempo

Elijah Miller - This

Elijah Miller is a charismatic indie artist from London, most notably known for his playful lyricism and guitar driven melodies in highly acclaimed past releases such as ‘Alfred Benson’.

His first release of 2020 however taps into his singer-songwriter routes a little more audibly without his live band, in an acoustic single ‘This’.

Recorded in just one take, Elijah’s dropped this emotive love song written entirely in lockdown. With more acoustic singles promised, ‘This’ whets the appetite to hear more from the artist. The single artwork for the new release is also pretty cool!