Glass Violet drop anthemic new single "Clockwork"

Bristol based five piece, Glass Violet, have recently released their anthemic new single "Clockwork" which is turning out to be a classic indie-rock anthem for 2020. The release is the quintet's third ever single following on from their 2019 debut "Chemicals" and 2020's "Over The Moor".

With influences range from Kasabian, The Killers and Foals, with the former being heard throughout "Clockwork" with an atmospheric backing track that'll help lift you up into the upper stratosphere. it's like they've picked the best elements from their influences and have crafted a track that'll have you hooked and wanting for more.

"Clockwork" has some epic soaring vocals backed up with a real drive from the powerful guitars, the wall of noise from the chorus helps give the track more vibrance, especially before the verses come in. There really is no wonder that they've already had backing from the likes of BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, BBC Radio Wales, This Feeling and BBC Radio Bristol.

Considering they've only been performing live since March 2019 and releasing music since that year too there is something quite special about the scene that just keeps on giving us amazing bands such as Glass Violet.

If they keep on writing hits such as "Clockwork" they can easily be the next band to get hyped up big time in the UK, we love anthemic guitar music and this single really hits the spot. It's four minutes of unbridled joy, and you need to listen to it now if you need a shimmering indie-rock anthem in your playlist! Hurry up and follow them on the socials now, be that mate that won't stop banging on about them as they're onto a winner here.