Jacqueline Loor releases her Indie-Pop gem, "Find Your Way"

In the past week Jacqueline Loor has released her Indie-Pop gem, "Find Your Way". The new cut is her third single to be released this year following on from "Coming Undone" and "If I Could Go Back", with the latter of the two getting well over 10k plays on Spotify so far.

The singer-songwriter is currently based out of sunny Miami, Florida and has been playing live streams every Friday (via Instagram) and Monday (via Facebook) for her fans, with this song being inspired by her fans. Speaking about the song Jacqueline says - "The song is about life getting heavy making you feel defeated, but you need to keep going and you will "find your way". It's meant
to empower people and help people get through tough times."

Her writing procedure is she writes all of the songs on an acoustic guitar before heading into the studio to make them even bigger and bolder. "Find Your Way" has some strong indie-pop vibes with an intro that reminds me strongly of Haim's work, next up comes the sensational horn section which helps give the track added vibrance.

Jacqueline's vocals here shine through like a beacon of hope with the whispering backing vocals helping to make this track sensationally addictive. When the breakdown happens in the final third you'd be forgiven if you thought this was a track written by Vampire Weekend, Jacqueline really has created a track that you'll find yourself listening to over and over again. Her vocals and lyrics here are just so on point that you can't help but have a smile left on your face once the track finishes.

With influences ranging from - Stevie Nicks, Joan Jet, Florence and the Machine, and Lorde there is no wonder really why this track hits the spot. If you find yourself wanting to listen to a slick new indie-pop gem then wait no more, "Find Your Way" is everything you could want!