Jamison Wake shares captivating new track "Racing Heart"

Hailing from Brooklyn in New York, singer-songwriter Jamison Wake has very recently shared his captivating and expansive new track "Racing Heart". This is the multi-instrumentalist's first new piece of material since his 7-track 2018 release "Binds".

The track starts off with some gentle acoustic guitar, almost Spanish sounding with the tones , mixed in with some delicate keys. The track grows on from there as his vocals come in which remind us of an early Clock Opera track.

The chorus is so expansive with wallowing keys and trickling guitars giving it an awful lot of atmosphere, combined with smooth bassline that drives it forwards your ears are really treated here.
The instrumentation also had strong nods to that of his influences Radiohead, Bon Iver and Brian Eno, with Jamison Wake personally writing, performing, recording, and mixing this single at home by himself over the last two years.

Speaking about the track he says - "I wrote it while suffering some mental health stuff years back and it seems fitting for now, for all of you in mental health month and the Coronavirus anxiety. It's an intimate and textured song about fear of life and death, wrestling with angels and demons, going to the depths and source of yourself: where there is good news."

If you love your alternative Radiohead and slightly experimental ambient music then "Racing Heart" by Jamison Wake will tickle your fancy with his Experimental come Alt-Folk vibes.