Lukka reveals pulsating new single, "No One and Everything in It All"

NYC based singer-songwriter Lukka earlier on this month revealed her pulsating new single, "No One and Everything in It All". The new track is the second to be released in 2020 and follows on from the spaced-out single "Feed Me".

With a solid 2000 strong loyal fanbase on Spotify there are some real gems Lukka has been putting out as of late - such as the aforementioned single, "Feed Me". With the ever increasing plays it sounds like the numbers will be going up more and more with every amazing tune she releases, and "No One and Everything in It All" is one of those!

Thew new offering has some delightful sweet indie-pop tones with plenty of washed out fuzz, with a slice of psychedelica also there that just gives the track some added texture. With some surf style vocals all draped all over it they sweep across captive your further.

Having New York City as the place Lukka is located there's lots of nods to early 2000's indie here, with her influences ranging from Bloc Party (which is why we like it so much), Slowdive to more pop orientated acts such as Florence and the Machine.

"No One and Everything in It All" is laden with effects, from the many guitars to the vocals, and every time you listen to it you find something new hidden and tucked away,  a real ear pleaser. with around 40k plays on Spotify so far Lukka is looking to push on from that and go viral, if the tracks Lukka will be the next big Alt-Rock artist to break from New York City. So head to her Spotify page and follow, at this rate Lukka will be more internationally known within the next 12 months.