Megan Core unveils shimmering new folk track, "Twenty Something"

Hailing out from the beautiful surfers paradise of Byron Bay down under in Australia, Megan Core has this month unveiled her shimmering new single, "Twenty Something", a song that reminds me of my early 20's when I was a mess, not sure of what I wanted from live and no idea what I was doing with myself, this track is a truly relatable affair if you're over the age of 25.

The song from the off reminds me a bit of Wolf Alice, especially with the warm and jangly guitars come into it. Once Megan's vocals set off the track calms down a bit, but one thing is a dead cert - her vocals will just wow you. They remind me a cross between Stevie Nicks and Lucy Rose, the angst of Stevie and the soft warm tones of Lucy.

Her influences range from such Australian greats as Alex Lahey, Courtney Barnett, Julia Jacklin, and Stella Donnelly with her love for modern rock shining through in equal measures. Speaking about the track she says - "I wrote it as my experience, and for my friends, and my mates and their experiences that I could see happening around me. But then when I started playing it at gigs, people were like, ‘Oh my God, that is so relatable. You just described my life right now."

Why Australia is so far away from me is down to basic luck of being born in the wrong country, there are so many artists the country has that are absolutely sensational, such as Megan Core. "Twenty Something" is one of those tracks that you'll be saying to your mates in a few years time, 'yeah I got into Megan Core via this' as she is going to be massive at some point, mark my words.