Nashville's Dan Fuson shares new single "Shallow Blue"

Nashville's Dan Fuson has in the past week shared his captivating new single "Shallow Blue", of which is the first release since the singer-songwriter dropped his Christmas single back in 2019 - but this is far from a festive song, rather one that you'll end up revisiting time and time again.

As previously mentioned Dan is based in Nashville, Tennessee but is originally from the Midwest state of Indiana. He is far from your standard singer-songwriter he's a multi-instrumentalist (well, apart from the drums).

"Shallow Blue" is one of those epics that turns out to be self-recorded, and here you can hear his key influences The Killers, Kings of Leon, Oasis shining through. From the soaring guitar lines in the intro to the song, to the Americana tint and uplifting vocals which can be drawn against the likes of his influence Kings of Leon and even to some extent The Courteeners

Speaking about the song Dan says - " ... "Shallow Blue" is a song about insecurities and overcoming them. I wrote it at a time when things were starting to come together for me personally but I was still having a tough time seeing the beauty and the light in it. Even good change can be tough - it really deals with the yin and yang of starting to be whole again."

"Shallow Blue" is actually a tease of what's to come from Dan's upcoming new EP "Familiar, Brand New". With the claps towards the end and all killer drums the track is filled with everything you could ever want if you're into your uplifting indie-rock.

Dan Fuson is going places if he keeps up creating tracks such as this. Nashville is a big place and a massive for new artists, but we feel like he can emerge and be one of those acts the city will hold early. So head on down to check out "Shallow Blue" before your mates do!