Reardon Love release throwback new single "Locked In The Panopticon"

Hull based quartet Reardon Love have recently released a great new throwback single "Locked In The Panopticon". The tune is the foursome's second ever following on from their debut release "Sweet Brandon Teena (Respond To Me)" and evne though it's their second ever tune you can hear where the outfit wants to go.

From the funky debut single to this 80's infused new cut "Locked In The Panopticon" has an intro drum line sounds like the start of R.E.M.'s "It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" which actually sets the tone for the throwback sounding single.

The four lads here have made a track that sounds like what The Cure would sound like if they formed in the 2010's, it has plenty of wavy synths, bright basslines and with clean, crisp and delightfully British vocals to top it all off.

With BBC Introducing already taking a shine to them - see the image - the future is already looking bright for the Hull quartet. With support slots for the likes of Scouting for Girls, Republica, Hinds, RedFaces already in the bag more people will be checking them out once the live scene kicks up again.

With the new single being short and sweet - as it comes in under 140 seconds - you'll be smashing that play button once it's over for sure. It's an 1980's sounding song with the 2020's pop sensibilities draped all over it, there's a real emerging sound that has strong 80's sounds and Reardon Love are riding that hype wave and by the sounds if it they'll be known more around the country for sure.