Siv Disa releases smooth new single "Fear"

Based in New York City, Siv Disa has recently released her smooth new single "Fear", which is her first release since the 2019 release "moths". If you're a fan (we're telling you this now) of Fiona Apple and Beach House then you're going to love what Siv Disa has created.

The track is laced with some ambient and somewhat haunting scratching in the background, ghostly sounding synths and dreamy spaced out drum patterns. This track really has been crafted to send you into outer space by the sounds of it. I can really imagine myself here flying in the stratosphere while listening to this on a psychedelic trip.

Speaking about the track Siv Disa says - "A lot of the questions in "Fear" come up when we’re dealing with a lot of stress and difficult situations, and right now everyone is connected by having to deal with something enormous - I think everyone’s dealing with their own fears in that way."

The track is almost therapeutic towards the end with her vocals softening you to a mush as you find yourself submitting to the track and accepting how glorious it is.