The Shop Window unveils jangly new cut "Mannequin Lies"

Kent based The Shop Window have recently released their brand new single "Mannequin Lies" - which acts as their debut single release on Spotify. The quartet come from Maidstone and have a late 80's vibe about them, with some surf-esque guitar tones taken right out from The Smiths early work and vocals that reminds us of peak The Lightning Seeds.

The foursome are Carl (vocals/guitar), Simon 'Syd' (vocals/keys), Martin (bass) and Phil (drums), the journey of this band started two decades ago when Carl and Simon got a record deal, which just shows that this band are not just popping up out of nowhere, there's some serious talent there.

Fast forwards to a few years back and the two friends started jamming, with some old demos floating about they invited two more friends Martin and Phil to do some recordings and one thing lead to another. In the end they recorded six songs and the first release is what you hear below - "Mannequin Lies".

The Shop Window really do sound like they're taken right out of the late 80's and early 90's brit-pop era, and in some regard they are. They've stuck to their roots and have created a track that sounds as fresh as any other indie-pop cut these days, especially considering that the early 90's guitar based pop style is coming back, with acts such as Beabadoobee and The 1975 showcasing tunes that are heavily inspired by that era.

With an albums worth of songs ready to record The Shop Window are just getting started, so when it all gets released be sure to give them a play as if it's as good as "Mannequin Lies" then they might just get another record deal!