Welsh singer-songwriter Luke Jones unveils debut track "Follow Suit"

Hailing from Anglesey, an island in North West Wales, the up-and-coming singer-songwriter Luke Jones has recently unveiled debut track "Follow Suit". Having previously been a drummer he turned his attention into songwriting and, as it turns out, he is a fantastic one at that! The cut was recorded at Orange Sound Studios with Russ Hayes earlier on in 2020.

The single is a track that acts almost as an ode to one of Luke’s childhood best friends, as it holds a personal references to one of Luke's friend who has battled with drugs and alcohol, and Luke's guilt of feeling like he didn't help enough, mentioned in the lyrics - "He's got high hopes of breaking out of this town" and the darker and brutally honest -"I might stand and watch him die, and be sad online when he takes his life"

The 21 year old's first effort is laced with sweet indie-pop hooks and a driving force you'd expect to hear from the likes of The Kooks, with a chorus that you'll find yourself wanting to listen to over and over again this is a track that we loved from the first listen. Considering this is a debut release Luke Jones has pulled an amazing track out of the bag, and I can see the other tracks he has under lock and key being just as good as this.

So be sure to follow the singer-songwriter on the socials and his Spotify to keep up to date with news, shows (when covid has gone) and most especially new songs!