We've found India's next great music export, go listen to Man.Goes Human's "Where Did I Leave My MoonGlasses"

As the title suggests, we think we've found India's next great musical export and it comes in the form of Man.Goes Human's "Where Did I Leave My MoonGlasses". The new cut from the band based out of the capital of Delhi is a six minute epic with some soft vocals and soaring guitar tones.

Man.Goes Human is the first Indian band to give their original track to a Netflix Hollywood film production, 'Extraction', which stars Chris Hemsworth - of which I've watched before I found this track, so when I heard it I knew I already loved it. The producers of the film loved this track too that the band also have a cameo in the Netflix Original film.

The band are one of those outfits that just want to succeed - and by the sounds of it they're about to break out from India - they've spent the last 8 years doing DIY tours all over South East Asia, visiting Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore while playing over 200 shows in their home country. If there isn't already an appetite for this band then I dunno when there will be as they've been featured in Rolling Stone, Times of Indie, Grazia and have played for the likes of Sofar Sounds, not bad by even the standards of the vast majority of bands in the UK.

"Where Did I Leave My MoonGlasses" is the track that sets them above everyone else in India, there's so much atmosphere here made from just three people - if you find yourself in the sub-continent then do check out their gig listings, we'd happily fly to Delhi to hear this song live! So why not head on down below to check out this tremendous song.