Chris Pidsley reveals stunning new track "Berryhead"

Late last month Chris Pidsley revealed his stunning new track "Berryhead", which is lifted from his lifted from his latest single "Cinnamon" - so technically this is a b-side!

The musician now based in London has been releasing music since 2018, but with no new music from the debut until 2020 a few of his fans thought he must be up to something. But in 2020 Chris came back with four delightful tracks, one of which is the track we're focusing on today, "Berryhead".

While "Cinnamon" takes most of the limelight being the A-side, the following track on the release is one that could've easily been a single all by itself. With influences such as  Rex Orange County, Ed Sheeran, Tom Misch and The 1975 he has a wide spectrum of acts who write fantastic music and it sounds like it's rubbing off on Chris.

"Berryhead" has a bright and soulful opening with some gorgeous acoustic guitar tone and a bird chirping in the background. His vocals remind us of Ben Howard's darker side and Benjamin Francis Leftwich with his approach, it's a hearty song with loads of atmosphere coming from just a handful of elements.

The strings that come at the end of the first third of the song elevates it even higher and produces something for you to get lost in a day dream with. It then evolves and the song then gets even more beautiful, even though first of all I thought it couldn't of as you're left with the simple warm guitar tones, his vocals and the bird still chirping away.

Speaking about the track he says - "I was inspired to write this song whilst on holiday on Torquay. A place called Berryhead. The views and the feeling I got from the area inspired me to write."

Chris has really made a track to be proud of, and it's no wonder he has been played on BBC Introducing Devon and had a few shows in London already. If Chris continues to craft gorgeous sounding songs such as "Berryhead" then the world has got another amazing songwriter, I can'#t wait for more to come from him.