Dean Knill shares vibrant single "Butterflies & Warning Signs"

Wothing based singer-songwriter Dean Knill earlier on this month shared his vibrant single "Butterflies & Warning Signs", which is his second release of the year following on from "I loved You More" - which is currently sitting at an impressive 10k streams, not bad for a new artist!

He's been singing for around a decade already, but this year has been a different one for the 24 year old as he's finally got round to releasing some of his own tunes.

Speaking about his songwriting Dean says - "I have always struggled to share how I am feeling, I don't even take that well to compliments. I tend to write a lot about personal experiences and how people treat me as this is how I paint the best picture for the listener, so watch your step people"

"Butterflies & Warning Signs" has some slick electronic vibes right from the off with there being loads of pop sensibilities laced all over the new cut. His vocals are sounding so polished off and smooth, if you heard this track for the first time you'd think this pop-star sells out massive venues - and let's be honest by the sounds of it he can!

As "Butterflies & Warning Signs" gets going some airy backing vocals are introduced to the song, here they give the track loads more atmosphere giving you the feeling that this was written for summer time in a field with your mates, with plenty of emotions and heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics throughout.

Dean reminds me a lot of Zak Abel with how soulful his voice can get, especially when the music gets turned down and it's just him singing when the track slows down for those brief few seconds.

The song is a whirlwind of pop and electronics all blended up well and served to you in just over three minutes. There's so much to admire with Dean Knill, he sounds like he has what it takes to be the next big vocalist in the UK, and if you can't wait for more, good news as there's a live version, acoustic version and a remix still to come!