[FRIDAY'S FINEST] with Nexus Music Blog, Turtle Tempo and IndieCentralMusic

With us not hosting Friday's Finest in April, we are BACK and BACK again and if you're not familiar with the set-up let's refresh your memory, the usual gang of us and IndieCentralMusic / Turtle Tempo / Nexus Music Blog are back with some of the freshest new music out there. SO let's delve into the four best tracks of the past week, as chosen by us.


It's All Indie

Glass Animals - Heat Waves

"Heat Waves" is the brand-new single from Glass Animals. Teh new tune is lifted from their up-coming third album "Dreamland". "Dreamland" will now be released on the revised date of the 7th August delayed in order to respect and support the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement.

On making the video, Dave says – "The Heat Waves video is a love letter to live music and the culture and togetherness surrounding it. It was filmed at the peak of the lockdown in my neighbourhood in East London by the lovely people who live around me, just using their phones. These are people who are usually out at shows, in galleries, going to cinemas etc. These venues are left empty now, and many of them will not survive. 

The song is about loss and longing, and ultimately realising you are unable to save something...and this video is about that but for art, being together, and human contact. Huge love and thank you’s to everyone who got involved and helped out. When everyone was leaning out of their windows filming, I felt that same sense of togetherness and spine-tingling energy that happened at live shows. It made the coldness of performing to an empty room with the band stuck on screens feel even more heart-breaking."



Vandebilt - Feel

North East of England’s indie electro-funk punk outfit Vandebilt dropped an absolute scorcher last month titled ‘Feel’.

Mixing French house music with UK synth-pop and 70s disco artists, the four-piece keep you dancing all night long.

Led by multi-instrumentalist Jordan Miller and lead vocalist Joey crack the dawn (Joey crack), who started the project in 2018, they are joined by Jack Wade (Drums) and Daniel Martin (Guitar) to give them a complete live sound.

Early demos of their tropical-like tunes found their way to producer and DJ Smoove (of Smoove & Turrell) who began working with the group and encouraged the project into a live band. Inspired by fresh sounds and high energy – similarly to that of 80s band New Order – Smoove began to co-produce and mix Vandebilt tracks playing heavily on the disco-house elements of the music.
Speaking about the track, Jordan adds: “Born under the hot sun of the South of France, ‘Feel’ pays homage to that summer-romance, a never-ending summers night or that blurry euphoria you can’t quite cling onto.

“Its housey four to the floor groove, salty calypso breakdowns and heady vocals hits you with a hazy summer hue, longing to reignite that fading high.” Vandebilt have been making great headway in their hometown of Sunderland and the bands infectious up tempo tracks were both hyped and sought after. Who knows what’s in store for the quartet but they are on the rise; keep an eye out.


Nexus Music Blog

Yard Arms - Sanctuary Lines [EP]

Now I know what you're thinking. "Nexus is giving us Yard Arms, again". Well damn right we are! And do you know why? Because Yard Arms are incredibly good at what they do! And what they do, is make incredible music. It shouldn't take us to detail how impressed we are with the release of their latest collection of music to get you all on board! I mean, we've been subtle about our support so far... So allow us to introduce Sanctuary Lines! All tightly wrapped in a digestible package which contains 4 tracks totaling 14 minutes and 18 seconds!

"Woah that's precision at its best, Nexus" i hear you chant from a distance. Of course it is. Of course it is! Because that's just what we do here on Fridays Finest.

Presenting you with Yard Arms is a sensible and incredibly easy choice. The Bristol based duo are an absolute must when it comes to your playlist. And when we get around to updating ours (pipe down with the judgement, we know we aren't always on it with the playlist...) Yard Arms will be placed firmly amongst it.


Turtle Tempo

Castells - Viola

Castells are a indie-rock quartet based in London/Kent and have just dropped their first release in over 3 years following from their singalong debut single  ‘Do You Remember’ they have been writing and recording behind the scenes, and their new single ‘Viola’ is a huge guitar driven anthem, with frontman Connor Crooks’ distinctive and versatile vocals.

The band have a growing, and fiercely loyal fanbase after playing sold-out London shows at Camden Assembly and Omeara. The band are set to play their very first headline show at The Grace in November. So give the guys a follow on social media (@castellsofficial) to ensure you can get yourself a ticket for it.